Queen’s Park Savannah: Night Food Tour in Trinidad!

After arriving back in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, I went on an all-out street food tour of the city at night! Come with me and let’s eat some delicious Trini food!

My boy Chef Jason Peru, celebrity hairstylist Candice Mohan, and our friend David from Foodie Run TT and I would be going on another tour of Queen’s Park Savannah. There’s a man there who is legendary for his oysters!

What is Queen’s Park Savannah?

A colorful building in Queen's Park Savannah at night | Davidsbeenhere

Queen’s Park Savannah is a popular green space and recreational area in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It’s an iconic urban park that covers 260 acres and is surrounded by majestic colonial-era mansions. It’s an epicenter for social gatherings and features calypso music performers during its Carnival season.

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You’ll also find a dazzling array of mouthwatering street foods from food vendors who set up shop in the park year-round. It’s an absolute must for anyone looking to explore the culture of the island of Trinidad!

The Famous Oysters of Queen’s Park Savannah

A styrofoam cup of spicy oyster soup sold by a famous street vendor in Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

The man was expecting me. He’s not in Queen’s Park Savannah every day, but he has a flame going at his stand to let people know when he’s open. It’s his way of signaling to people that he’s there!

These oysters were smaller and came from a swampy mangrove area in central Trinidad. He also had several sauces and a drink made from tree bark. He added the juice, some chadon beni, some lemon juice, and more.

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It was like a spicy oyster soup! I really enjoyed it. I could taste the tree bark, and I liked the small oysters. It had such a balanced flavor and a nice sweet-and-sour kick.

Then, I tried an oyster by itself. It was small and easy and a little sweet! I tried another with some really spicy sauce. He also had some tiny shrimp he added to the oysters. They were nice and sweet!

Everything came to 70 TTD, or about $11 USD. Then, we walked to a nearby coconut vendor, where we got some fresh coconuts. After drinking the water, they cut them open so we could eat the tender coconut inside!

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You break off a piece of the coconut shell to use as a spoon. It was so cool and refreshing. We got two for 10 TTD, or about $1.50 USD.

Late Night Doubles

David Hoffmann, Chef Jason Peru, and Candice Mohan eat doubles from S&S Doubles at night | Davidsbeenhere

Then, we hopped in the car and drove back to S&S Doubles on Ariapita Avenue to have two loaded doubles! The vendor added pepper to mine.

Mine was nice and sweet from the tamarind, a bit of heat from the mild pepper, and the savoriness from the chana. I also loved the crispy bara. It was so tasty and affordable! It was so good, I had to lick the paper! It was a fantastic way to end my exploration of Queen’s Park Savannah and Ariapita Avenue!

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