Luxury Villa Food in Trinidad and Tobago!

My adventures across Trinidad and Tobago continued at a luxury villa on the northwestern side of Tobago. This particular luxury villa is famous for serving lots of delicious food created by its chef! Come join me as I enjoy Tobagonian food at a luxury resort in Trinidad & Tobago!

Joining me at the beautiful Villa Being was my friend Chef Jason Peru. There, Chef Jonathan Michael Jordan would make us a sustainable, eco-friendly three-course dinner and some drinks. I couldn’t wait!

Touring a Luxury Villa in Tobago

An aerial drone shot of the luxury villa, Villa Being's terrace, pool, and the surrounding foliage | Davidsbeenhere

First, they greeted us at the luxury villa with some fresh coconuts to drink. The coconuts grow right on the estate. The water inside was so pure and fresh. It was the perfect way to cool off after a long, hot day on the island!

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Then, we started our tour of the estate, starting with an outside seating area. Next, we headed inside to the library/reception area where they have books by local and international authors. Outside the doors is their pool, and beyond that, the Caribbean Sea.

The entire resort infuses elegance and natural beauty. They had an entire patio filled with outdoor furniture. I didn’t realize Tobago had such a rocky and hilly shore.

Then, we saw their 4 rooms. They accommodate up to 10 people. They’re gorgeous and feel almost like a tree house and offer views of the Caribbean Sea! The rooms have their own private balconies, and they also have saltwater pools and outdoor showers!

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The beds have mosquito netting on them and the bathrooms is beautiful. We also visited the Grand Pavilion room, which is a gorgeous room of relaxation. It looked like Greece!

Cooking with Chef Jonathan

Chef Jonathan Michael Jordan prepares a gourmet meal at the luxury villa on Tobago called Villa Being | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we headed into the luxury villa kitchen and met Chef Jonathan Michael Jordan, who was super young! He was grilling some mahi mahi on top of some green fig leaves. He also made some ceviche shots called pacro shots, garlic sada roti, and curry conch. The conch looked unbelievable!

The pacro shot is made from a sea crustacean that also contains chadon beni, garlic, onions, and lime juice. The curry conch also contained coconut milk. We started with the pacro shot, which was citrusy and extremely tasty. It tasted like clams!

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Dinner at a Luxury Villa in Trinidad and Tobago

David Hoffmann and Chef Jason Peru eat their chef-prepared dinner at the luxury villa called Villa Being in Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

The curry conch was amazing. I had to eat it with the garlic sada roti. I loved the coconut milk gravy and how the bread soaked it up. Next, they brought us a Masi Tupungato, a white pinot grigio from Argentina and our next course. It included salted bhaji, mahi mahi, coo coo, and a coconut-rum Creole sauce.

The smoked mahi mahi had a nice smoky flavor with coconut, and the grilled coo coo was like a crispy polenta. I loved the moist, crunchy bhaji, which wasn’t overcooked at all. Everything was fresh, healthy, and organic! I loved the sweet, dry white wine with it. This was Tobago fine dining!

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Finally, we had some crème brûlée for dessert! The added whipped cream and cassava pone on top. It’s a play on the local flavors. It blew me away with how decadent it was! If you want a delicious meal at a luxury villa in Tobago, Villa Being is the spot for you!

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