Indonesian Street Food Tour & Craft Market Shopping | Lelydorp, Suriname

With my time in Suriname slowly coming to a close, I decided to go on an Indonesian street food tour in an Indonesian village called Lelydorp, just outside of Paramaribo! Come along with me as I try some delicious Indonesian street food and go shopping in the local craft market in Suriname!

Ninety-five percent of the people in Lelydorp are Javanese. They first came to Suriname about 130 years ago and brought their food and culture with them. The food is off the charts! We were also going to check out the wood market and see them make some pottery!

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Lelydorp is on the main street heading out of Paramaribo. I could see supermarkets, banks, food halls, and more. First, we headed to the pottery market. We had to head down a bad road with potholes and mud holes to get there.

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The pottery was amazing! The potter starts by burning some tree bark, which he pounds into powder and mixes with clay. Then, he shapes it into cups, vases, mugs, statues, and more. Then, he bakes it. It’s all black! Next door is his father’s store, where he makes wood creations. There were a caiman stool and a jaguar bench. The caiman had a cool design on it. I love crafts. Then we headed to see a man who works with wood who only has one arm!

At the woodshop, I got to see the workers make lots of creations like cups, little boats, plates, paddles, and sculptures of caimans and armadillos. There was another guy sanding huge planks of wood. There’s a big mix of things, but they’d be hard to take home because of their size.

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It was super hot and I couldn’t wait to go on my Indonesian street food tour. We reached some food vendors. There were six in total. They were selling things like yuca, chicken feet, fried banana, kidneys, saoto soup, noodles, chicken, satay, and more. I started my Indonesian street foo tour with the chicken satay with soy sauce and peanut dressing.

The satay was so tasty. It took me right back to Asia! The peanut dressing was unbelievable and the chicken was so juicy! The dressing was sweet and nutty and so fantastic! It only cost us $0.80 USD.

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From another vendor, we got some refreshing dawet and lumpia with no egg, just veggies. I also got some boiled vegetables with spicy peanut sauce. I could see spinach and sprouts in it. The vegetables were incredible, but it wasn’t spicy. It was moist and had a nice crunch. I was blown away by it! The peanut sauce made it! I couldn’t get enough of it!

Then, I dove into the lumpia. It was filled with vegetables! The peanut dressing was more like a sweet and sour sauce! It was a nice vegetable egg roll. I loved the sweet and savory combination! I washed it down with the dawet.

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Next, we ended our Indonesian street food tour with some Indo-style sausages. We went with the chicken sausage with sauce. It looked so good! The sausage was creamy inside, like chicken pudding, inside the casing. I could just suck it out! The Indo sauce was a little spicy and so tasty!

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I hope you enjoyed coming with me to try Indonesian street food and seeing the craft scene in Lelydorp! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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