Lahore Street Food Masters!! Rooster Karahi, Laddu Peethi & Butt Samosa | Pakistan

With another night in Lahore, Pakistan upon me, I set out to dive even deeper into its legendary street food! Come with me as explore Lahore at night, meet some of its amazing street food masters, and try a dynamic rooster karahi, laddu peethi, an outstanding butt samosa, and much more in Pakistan!

My Lahore street food adventures in Pakistan began at Molvi Gol Gappa with my friends Rashid and Adeel from Manaky. My goal for the night was to try all three dishes, which are all super famous here in town!

Our first dish of the night would be the laddu peethi, which is a lentil fritter that’s deep-fried and looks like a doughnut. They add black pepper to the center about a minute into the frying process and serve it with chutneys and raita.

We also got some golgappa as well, which was an unexpected surprise! Golgappa, also known as pani puri, is my favorite South Asian snack of all time. I can eat dozens of them at a time!

We headed back to their open-air dining area in the back to eat. They gave us some raita, a sweet chutney, a sour pani, and a sweet pani to have with our laddu peethi and golgappa.

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I went with the golgappa first and added a bit of raita, sweet chutney, and sweet pani. The chutney was almost like a glazy sweet-and-sour sauce. Between it and the pani, the golgappa was super sweet!

Then, I added some of the sour pani to the sweet pani and dipped the next one. It was delicious! The flavors were incredibly complex. I couldn’t stop eating them. The pani was good enough to drink!

It was the perfect start to the night! Then, we dove into the laddu peethi. You break off a bit of the laddu peethi with a spoon and then mix the raita and chutneys into it. It was so sweet and creamy!

The laddu absorbs all the chutneys, and the sour elements balance out the sweet chutney. The kick of spice from the pepper is a nice addition! It was one of my favorite dishes in Lahore so far. I loved how light and crumbly it was.

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From there, we crossed a very busy street to get back to our car. The traffic was brutal, but five minutes later, we arrived in the area where they sold the butt samosas and rooster karahi. Our first stop was Butt Sweets and Bakery to try the butt samosa. The butt samosas are huge and crispy, with a doughy inside! They’re served with sour and fruit chutneys.

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I’d never had a samosa like this one! The sweet fruit chutney was extraordinary. They were crispy on the outside and a little mushy on the inside with the potato filling. There were so many incredible textures and flavors. The best thing to do is to mix the chutneys together. It’s my favorite samosa ever!

Then, we walked over to Butt Karahi, where they make a roasted rooster karahi. The roosters are on and in cages outside. You select the rooster you want and they’ll kill it and serve it to you! Their seating area is outside, under the overpass. They pressure cook the chicken first and then continue the cooking process in pans on the stovetop and add butter!

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While we waited, I got an amazing massage from a gentleman under the overpass. He got my back, my neck, and even my arms, legs, and hands. It was the most relaxing way to pass the time before our dinner!

My legs had been aching from so much traveling but now I felt great! Then, he gave me an incredible head and chest massage! Then, after trying my hand at making the karahi in the kitchen, it was time to eat! They serve it in the giant pan!

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We dove right in with some naan. The dish was so buttery, and there was a rich gravy in the pan as well. There were no tomatoes, unlike other types of karahi I’d had on the trip, but there were quite a few bones, so I had to be careful!

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Karahi is one of my favorite Pakistani dishes. I was loving the butter and the organs. I got a nice piece of liver and the stomach, which was amazing, because I’m a huge fan of organ meat. The ginger and gravy added so much flavor! Then, even though we were full, we walked over to Butt Bakery & Sweets to get some carrot halwa and rabri milk to end our night!

The rabri milk reminded me of the liquid from a falooda and was the perfect after-meal palate cleanser. Meanwhile, the carrot halwa was hot, crumbly, and sweet. I liked taking a bite of the halwa with a sip of the rabri milk! What a way to end my Lahore street food adventures in one of the biggest food cities in Pakistan!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the Lahore street food masters in Pakistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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