Trinidad Haircut with Celebrity Hairstylist Candice Mohan!

If you know me, you know that I love to start my trips feeling fresh and clean with a Trinidad haircut by a local. In Trinidad and Tobago, I had to get a haircut from the top hairstylist in the country!

Candice Mohan is the top hairdresser in Trinidad and Tobago, and she just happens to be dating my guide and good friend, Chef Jason Peru!

Trinidad Haircut by Candice Mohan

Hairstylist Candice Mohan prepares to give David Hoffmann a Trinidad haircut at her salon in Port of Spain | Davidsbeenhere

Candice does everything—hair, makeup, nails, and more. She also has a custom clothing line—a modern Hindi clothing line—and lots of celebrity and VIP clients! In the reception area is a large photo of Candice with her daughter.

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There’s also a bar where you can enjoy refreshments and a bite to eat, and a shop area where there are clothes on racks and a platform where you can stand to get fitted.

I wanted a full shave on my head and a trim on my beard. She made sure to shave it in the different directions it grows and trimmed my mustache as well. Then, she worked on shaping it!

I’ve done so many things with my hair and beard over the years. I’ve had a 100-day-old beard that was super long, I’ve had a mohawk, I’ve shaved half my head, and I’ve even had long hair and even braids at one point!

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The Shave

David Hoffmann enjoys a haircut from celebrity hairstylist Candice Mohan | Davidsbeenhere

The hair on my head and beard grows so fast. After two days, it starts getting long again, so I have to shave every other day!

After applying some alcohol to my newly shaved neck, Candice added shaving cream to my head. It was a little warmer than usual. After shaving me once, she went back in for round 2!

She used a new disposable razor, which she uses due to the pandemic. Then, it was time for a quick rinse and a head massage. Her rubbing the temples and the back of my neck felt amazing!

Next, Candice put a hot towel on top of my head and on the sides of my face. Finally, she gave me a head massage with natural mineral oil.

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She relieved all the tension in my neck and massaged my beard. What a great Trinidad haircut experience!

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