Curry Crab & Dumplings in Trinidad and Tobago!

My time in Crown Point, Tobago continued with a trip to eat an authentic local staple I hadn’t yet tried. The food in Trinidad and Tobago is so unique and diverse, and I couldn’t wait to try more of it!

On this adventure, I’d finally get to try some authentic curry crab and dumplings. It’s quintessentially Tobago, so it’s a must-have! My friends Chef Jason Peru, Candice Mohan, and I headed over to a local spot called Miss Trim’s to try it out.

Cooking Curry Crab at Miss Trim’s

Curry crab being boiled in a pot at Miss Trim's in Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

In the back, they had some crab, stewed fish, stewed pork, and a cornmeal and coconut milk dish called coo-coo. Everything looked and smelled amazing.

Then, they showed me how they make curry crab. They added thyme, ginger, garlic, chadon beni, hot peppers, coconut milk, curry powder, and more to the crab.

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She built the curry and then poured the coconut milk into the pot of crabs. She then boils it for 45 minutes. Then, she made the dumplings!

I tried some of the stewed pork. It was so delicious! I loved the fattiness and it was so sweet!

Then, I helped roll out the dumplings. Then, after they’re rolled, they cut them in half. But I couldn’t wait to have the crab. It smelled so good!

I watched her boil the dumplings. They had a cool-looking half-moon shape. They almost looked like empanadas!

Eating Tobagonian Curry Crab and Dumplings

David Hoffmann and Chef Jason Peru enjoy curry crab, dumplings, callaloo, and other Tobagonian favorites at Miss Trim's | Davidsbeenhere

We drove down to the beach to eat. The sun was way more intense in Tobago even though it’s just a 20-minute flight from Trinidad. Nearby was a food court area with 7 different vendors, and some outdoor seating.

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We ordered some curry conch, stewed chicken, stewed pork, stewed fish, bhaji, and callaloo. It was a nice mix of Indian and Creole dishes.

We started with the coo-coo, which is similar to polenta. It contains celery, pumpkin, okra, chives, garlic, and carrots. You dip it into the callaloo, which is a vegetable dish similar to palak paneer.

The curry kingfish was crispy and coated in curry. Everything was so good. I also liked the roasted breadfruit, which was like a plantain.

There was also some amazing yucca. I loved the curry conch, which also contained sweet potatoes. It was the best conch of all time! It was so soft and tender!

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The stewed pork was so tender, it fell right off the bone. The gravy was unreal. It had a nice sweetness to it. I also really loved the stewed chicken. It reminded me of chicken dishes I’d had in Jamaica!

Finally, we jumped on the curry crab, which I bit right into to break the shell. I loved the spices and the coconut flavor. The dumplings were thin but dense and full of that amazing curry flavor.

Exploring a Local Market

Chef Jason Peru browses the handmade jewelry at a local market in Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

After eating our curry crab and dumplings, we headed to the nearby market to support the locals. There were vendors selling handmade crafts, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from shells, seeds, and coral. It’s unique to Trinidad and Tobago!

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I spent 160 TTD, or less than $30 USD on some necklaces and bracelets for my daughters. There was also a large calabash with different designs carved into them. I bought one for my assistant!

Then, we headed down to the beach to end our afternoon! It was the perfect way to cap off an exciting afternoon food adventure in Tobago.

Where have you been?

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