Trinidad and Tobago Street Food Tour of Tobago!

With another day in Trinidad and Tobago ahead of me, I decided to go all-out with a food and attractions tour of Tobago! Let’s head out and explore the island!

My buddy Chef Jason Peru and I started at Primitive Arts, a small stand where a woman sells handmade wooden crafts. I could see carved wall hangings of turtles, fish, and jaguars, as well as masks made from calabash shells!

I saw a mask that almost looked like a pumpkin, as well as necklaces, cowrie shell earrings, bags, postcards, maracas, and shirts. The calabash shells were all really unique. Everything cost me 400 TTD, or about $65 USD.

The Mystery Tombstone of Plymouth and Fort King George

The mysterious tombstone at Plymouth in Trinidad and Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

From there, we drove through a small, quaint community to the Mystery Tombstone of Plymouth. It’s from 1783 and is known for its baffling inscription, which says the tomb is for a woman named Betty Stiven who “was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it except by her kind indulgences to him.”

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It’s located just 20 minutes from Plymouth Point in Trinidad and Tobago. Then, we drove across the island, through the interior, to Fort King George in Scarborough. It sits on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the opposite side of the island.

The fort was built in the early 1770s as a fortification for the newly appointed capital of Scarborough. It was known as Fort Castries during a French occupation from 1781 to 1793, but it then fell under British Control and was renamed Fort King George after King George III.

It houses the Tobago Museum and a jailhouse. Below us was the beautiful town of Scarborough and beyond it, the ocean! There were lots of mossy colonial buildings and some barracks.

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Caribbean Street Food in Trinidad and Tobago

David Hoffmann and Chef Jason Peru eat barbecued pork and blue marlin on the streets of Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

The island of Tobago was very sleepy. We drove to a small tent near the ocean called Wendy’s Taste the Difference. They were selling barbecued pork, blue marlin, stewed pigeon peas, fries, salad, a cheesy garlic potato pie, tamarind sauce, garlic sauce, and barbecue sauce. I heard they serve some of the best street food in Trinidad and Tobago!

First, I went for the BBQ pork, which was a meaty pork shoulder. I loved the smokiness and the sweet sauce. Next was the provision salad, which contained green figs, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and breadfruit. It was soft and creamy and so tasty!

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The cheesy garlic potato pie was like au gratin potatoes. It’s the perfect Sunday meal! I also loved the salad, which was fresh and crunchy. We followed that with the blue marlin, which was insane. I’d never had sauces like this on barbecued fish. It was so meaty and moist!

The stewed pigeon peas with rice and macaroni salad were also amazing. It all went well together and created an amazing food experience! Each plate cost 55 TTD each, or about $8 USD each. It was so good, I couldn’t stop eating it!

Then, we followed the main highway down to Pigeon Point. What an awesome day in Trinidad and Tobago!

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Where have you been?

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