Exotic Southern Indian Food – 10 Unique Dishes at Ulavacharu Restaurant | Hyderabad, India


The second city of our trip, Hyderabad, is well known all over the world for its amazing cuisine. As a result, my boy Sam and I decided to visit one of the city’s most popular restaurants, Ulavacharu. This eatery is one of the best spots in the city to try Southern Indian food. Come along with us as we try exotic Southern Indian food in Hyderabad, India!

Ulavacharu is an authentic traditional cuisine restaurant that has won over millions of hearts of visitors from all over the world. This popular restaurant operates with the goal of reinventing long-forgotten recipes; bringing authentic, unique, and original dishes together under one roof; and keeping ancient dishes that were prepared by their ancestors alive for current and future generations.

First up was a creamy and buttery complimentary Indian sweet that contained caramel. It was very sweet and I only ate one!

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Our first main dish was the Korameenu Tandoori Fish, which is made with masala and other spices and served alongside a mint chutney. It wasn’t as soft or flaky as a regular fish and actually reminded me of mutton, texture-wise, but it was fantastic! The smoky tandoori flavor paired really well with the mint of the chutney. If you order this, just be sure to look out for stray bones or spines that may not be removed during the fileting process!

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Then, I tried the Bangla Kodi, which is small nuggets of chicken masala wrapped in a potato. It was really good! Crunchy and not too spicy, and also a little peppery. As a result, it reminded me of popcorn chicken wrapped in a crunchy potato.

After that, we had the Royyala Vepudu, which are river prawns with masala, cilantro, and a spicy green chili. It was very spicy, chewy. It also had a wonderful texture, and I loved it! They were the best prawns I’ve ever had!

Then, we went with the bamboo chicken, one of the most exotic dishes I’ve ever seen! The raw chicken is cooked inside a sealed piece of bamboo and sprinkled with masala spices. It gave the chicken a strong bamboo taste, and was outstanding! Sam loved it, too!

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Our next dish was Kona Seema Kodi Vepudu, a spicy fried chicken. Visually, it reminded me of Nashville fried chicken. It was super tender and slightly spicy, except for one bite where I caught a lot of spice! This exotic Southern Indian food in Hyderabad, India was turning out to be some of the best I’d had so far!

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To cool down my mouth, I went with some rose milk, a super sweet milk with cashews, pistachios, and almonds that has a lot of rose flavor infused in it. This was definitely one of my favorite rose-infused drinks I’ve ever had!

Our next dish was Pandu Marayapaka, a type of vegetable kebab with a flavorful and tangy sauce that reminded me of orange chicken. It was fantastic!

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Then, I tried Ulavacharu’s signature dish, Raju Gari Kodi Pulao. It’s a steamed rice dish containing vegetables, tender chunks of chicken, spices, and a hard-boiled and deep-fried egg on top. It was very moist and reminded me of a risotto or a paella. I tried it with two different chutneys and a red, peppery sauce, and all three were very unique and so good!

Up next was the Matka Mamsam Pulao, another rice dish that was served in a clay pot. This one contained mutton (lamb) and before I could even taste it, the aroma of the meat with all of the spices had my mouth watering. It was the butteriest, most tender lamb I’ve ever had!

Then, Sam tried the next dish, Gadwal Kodi Pulao. This is a chicken-based rice dish with tomatoes that sits on top of an omelet! It wasn’t as spicy as the other pulaos, and was also lighter. The omelet was a nice addition!

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Finally, we finished up with Guthi Vankaya Pulao, a veg pulao with an eggplant on top. The sauce was very light and wasn’t spicy at all. I loved the eggplant, and the sauce mixed with the rice was out of this world!

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In conclusion, the exotic Southern Indian food at Ulavacharu in Hyderabad, India, was out of this world! You have to eat there when you visit this amazing city.

If you’d like to learn more about Ulavacharu and the food they serve, visit their website here! They’ve also opened a restaurant in Bangalore, so be sure to check them out there as well!

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    Wow, the food looks amazing. If you visit to Hyderabad, you should eat at food from Simply South which serves cuisine from many South Indian states.

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