Partying in Uzbekistan! Uzbek Food, Dancers & Hookah | Bukhara, Uzbekistan

After an amazing day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bukhara, it was time for my new friends and I to let loose and have some fun with some Uzbek food, dancers, and hookah! Come along with me as I go partying in Uzbekistan!

We started off with dinner on a terrace in the Nodira Devon Begi Madrasah! The madrasah is a school that was built in 1622. There were lots of vendors around us, with over 70 people seated around 25 tables in the middle.

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Our dinner began with a cabbage salad, eggplant, figs, somsas, tomatoes and zucchini, cold cuts, and more!

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There was so much to try, but I started with the somsa, which was really beefy and had a nice crunch. I loved the layers in it. I could eat five of them a day, easy! As we ate, we watched traditional female dancers perform to music. They wore beautiful, traditional clothing and put on an amazing show.

Next, I dug into the eggplant salad, which was very nice! Then, I tried a pepper, which wasn’t spicy but was very watery. After that, I did a shot of vodka as the performances continued!

My next dish was a beef soup with vegetables and noodles. It was so rich and flavorful. I loved the yellow carrots in it! Then we had some royal vodka as the singers, musicians, and dancers performed. It wasn’t long before my fellow influencers and I hit the dance floor and went a little nuts! This is what partying in Uzbekistan is all about!

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Our last dish was tomatoes, potatoes, and beef in a pot. It was like a soup and was boiling hot! We followed that up with more shots of vodka and cognac from Bukhara!

Then, I hung out with some of my fellow Italians and smoked some hookah. I wasn’t used to it, at first, but I got into it after a while!

I hope you enjoyed coming partying with me in Uzbekistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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