Lahore Street Food on Temple Road!! Dal Channa, Scramble & Paan | Lahore, Pakistan

After nine incredible days of traveling around Pakistan, I made it to my final city of the trip: Lahore! Come with me as I explore the Lahore street food on Temple Road, including dal channa and paan, in Pakistan!

My time in Lahore began in the Temple Road area with Rashid and Adeel from Manaky. They would be taking me to a popular spot to have some mouthwatering dal chana and roti!

There, we saw lots of cooks preparing and baking roti in the tandoor, as well as a guy making some dal. It was a real, authentic hole-in-the-wall eatery! They’re some of my favorite places to eat.

We’d have chana dal, Desi chicken dal, salad, raita, and chapati! They used organic desi ghee, and the chana dal contained some chilies.

The chana dal was light but spicy and full of flavor. It was a nice, light yellow dal. The chapati was perfect with the dal.

Then, I jumped on the chicken, which had a really nice flavor. It was super tasty and I loved the ghee! It really made the dish!

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Next, I tried the raita, which had a delicious, minty flavor. It was very different and helped cool down the heat from the dal. I really enjoyed it!

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Now, it was time to head over to Temple Road! There were lots of fruit vendors as well as people driving around on tuk-tuks. I could see cucumbers, strawberries, chickens, and more.

Then, as we turned onto Temple Road, there was tons of activity. I could see nuts, vendors, and fruit shops, as well as food shops and butchers.

Our first stop was Jaidi Pan Shop, which sells fresh juice, ice cream, shakes, coffee, tea, and paan! I needed some sweet paan to wake me up!

The sweet paan contained nuts, masala, coconut, dried fruit, and more. The vendor rolled it up and placed it in my mouth. It took me almost two minutes just to chew through it!

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It’s so filling and sweet, but also quite crunchy. Paan always gives me a great jolt whenever I don’t have access to coffee, and this one definitely gave me the energy boost I was looking for!

Then, I stopped at a street vendor to try a mulberry before we continued on a vendor at Mama Kabab making aloo scrambles and beef scrambles. I could feel the spices coming off the grill!

We ordered both along with some green chutney and cabbage. The aloo scramble was basically scrambled eggs with potatoes, while the beef scramble was eggs with mincemeat. Both would be really spicy!

The beef scramble was full of herbs and spring onion. The egg was essentially glue that bound everything together. It was delicious!

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The aloo, meanwhile, was like a potato fritter with spice. It was super hot! I dipped the mincemeat scramble into the green chutney. The chutney was quite spicy and contained chilies and onions.

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Adding the cabbage added a fresh, delicious crunch. I loved this dish! The textures of the spring onions, cabbage, and chilies were excellent! Not only was it my favorite dish in Lahore so far, but it was also one of my favorites of my entire trip through the country!

Next, we walked to another vendor to get some fresh juice. We ordered a mix of grapefruit and orange. The fruit was fresh, and the vendor knew exactly how much of each fruit to use!

The vendor added a bit of salt to them. It was a fantastic palate cleanser. It cost only 80 rupees/$0.51 USD per cup! From there, we walked down the busy street to a 100-year-old shop get some chai. They stay open 24 hours!

This chai contained water and was standard, creamy chai. It was a nice pick-me-up! They also have a dish called bun plaster, which is a bread bun fried in ghee with an egg.

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We finished up with some jalebi, one of my favorite south Asian sweets. This one was smaller and more orange than others I’d had. It was incredibly sweet and crunchy!

And that’s it for my Lahore street food exploration on Temple Road in Pakistan! There is so much incredible, mouthwatering food there. If you’re a foodie, you have to come here. Huge thanks to my friends at Manaky for taking me there!

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