The Ultimate Lahore Street Food Breakfast Tour on Anarkali Food Street | Pakistan

My time in Lahore, the final city of my epic Pakistan trip, was blowing my mind after just a couple of days. Come with me as I begin another day in this street food haven with the ultimate Lahore street food tour on Anarkali Food Street in eastern Pakistan!

My morning began bright and early with my friends Rashid and Adeel from Manaky, and Adil, who took me on an incredible breakfast food tour! Lahore is famous for its chana, or chickpeas, so we’d have some of that and some bone marrow!

Our first stop was Goga Naqibia, a chana shop near the food street’s gate. There, the cook was preparing chana in a massive vat. It looked super tasty and spicy, just the way I like it!

In the back, they had a tandoor oven, where the guys were baking naan and kulcha. The two are very similar, but kulcha has sesame seeds in it and is baked in a heart shape!

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Because I love trying different dishes, we got three different types of chana: chicken chana, kofta chana, and egg chana! We also got some kulcha and raita.

Adil and I broke the kulcha and then dug right into the chicken chana to start. It was very nice and quite mild and wasn’t very spicy. It was quite creamy and the chicken was tender!

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The kulcha, meanwhile, was lightly baked. It went really well with the egg chana and reminded me of a nice pizza crust. The egg was perfectly cooked, and I really liked the meatiness of the kofta chana! They all had my mouth watering!

I also really liked the addition of black pepper, which gave the chana a nice kick without it being too hot. The raita, meanwhile, served as a delicious palate cleanser! The best thing about the chana is that it’s famous in Lahore, but everyone makes it a little different.

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After eating, we set off into the gate and down the street, past lots of vendors and food shops. At the end of the street is the bazaar. You can find food, shoes, socks, masks, and more! Our next stop was a very kind vendor selling three styles of halwa, which was sweet and hot. I liked how crumbly it was! They were also frying puris!

At the end of the food street, we hopped back in the car and drove downtown to get some bone marrow. We passed a vendor selling guavas and then headed past some pre-partition colonial buildings from the British Raj. The street was a mix of old and new.

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Anarkali Food Street was Lahore’s first food street. The colonial buildings belong to Hindus. Then, we reached the shop selling the bone marrow. They remove the bone marrow from the bones and add a bit of broth and oil. You eat it with some kulcha.

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The black pepper gave it a really nice punch, and the bone marrow was nice and gelatinous. I loved how the fluffy kulcha absorbs the oil and juice!

It was so tasty and full of delicious beef flavor. The beef was unbelievably juicy. I couldn’t get enough of it!

The trick is to fold the kulcha in a way that it makes a pocket where you can hold the meat and marrow. It’s finger-licking good and reminded me of street tacos in Mexico.

Next, we visited a shop selling bags of sacks, including chaat ingredients. Then, we reached Bismillah Milk Shop for some lassi. The vendor takes malai, and adds milk and sugar. Then, he stirs it and tastes it until it’s to his liking. It was very frothy and chunky. The malai on top was fantastic!

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It was the perfect way to coat my stomach! Further on, we passed more chana vendors before ending our ultimate Lahore tour of Anarkali Food Street in Pakistan! I couldn’t believe how incredible the food was. Huge thanks to my friends at Manaky for taking me to experience it!

I hope you liked coming with me on my ultimate Lahore street food tour of Anarkali Food Street in Pakistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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