Utrecht, the Netherlands: Ultimate Dutch Food Tour!

After exploring the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I continued on to my next destination in The Netherlands, the city of Utrecht! The food here is far more diverse than you might expect, with influences that range from Surinamese to Indonesian to West African and more!

Joining me on this adventure were my incredible guide, Melissa, and my cameraman, Mike! Join us as we explore the culture and cuisine in this beautiful city!

The City of Utrecht, the Netherlands

An aerial view of Utrecht, the Netherlands, including several homes, businesses, and churches near a tree-lined canal | Davidsbeenhere

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, just a 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam, is the city of Utrecht. Utrecht is a charming city brimming with history and culture, and blends quaint old-world charm and vibrant modern living. Also a university town, Utrecht’s rich historical tapestry is woven through its ancient buildings and cobbled streets. There, the echoes of its Roman past and later importance as a religious center can still be felt. Its unique wharf cellars along the canals have now been repurposed into cozy waterfront restaurants and galleries. The city is also home to many canals, along which many homes and businesses lie.

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Utrecht is also a pulsating hub of creativity, hosting vibrant festivals and a thriving music scene, all contributing to its reputation as a cultural powerhouse in the Netherlands. Whether you’re exploring the Rietveld Schröder House, a marvel of modernist design, or reveling in the convivial atmosphere of the local ‘brown cafes,’ Utrecht’s blend of heritage and contemporary zest is sure to captivate any traveler.

Dutch Pizza and Sandwiches at Broodje Mario

A slice of pizza from Broodje Mario that's topped with tuna, onions, artichokes, tomatoes, and olives | Davidsbeenhere

At this bakery and restaurant, I watched the men in the kitchen make bread. They roll out balls of dough, which then become pizza crusts and bread from sandwiches!  I watched them add salami, choriso, cheese, pickled vegetables, and peppers to make the Mario Sandwich. The crispy, fluffy bread was fantastic and reminded me of the bread you get on a Cuban sandwich. My David’s Been Here Hot Sauce really made the flavors pop!!

Their Mario Pizza contained artichokes, olives, tomatoes, onions, and tuna, and was extremely flavorful! I loved it! The crust was delicious, and the combination of savory and earthy toppings was like heaven in my mouth. It was also fantastic with my hot sauce, which I truly believe goes with everything!

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Olly Balls at Oliebollen Utrecht

Freshly fried olly balls, or oliebollen, in Utrecht, the Netherlands | Davidsbeenhere

We also passed by the local walk of fame honoring local films, directors, and actors. From there, we found an Oliebollen Utrect stand. Oliebollen, or olly balls, are fried fritters similar to elephant ears or beignets. They’re not sweet by themselves, but they’re often covered in powdered sugar, which gives them a nice sweetness! They’re also warm and fluffy, and crispy on the outside. 

I also got to see how they’re made. They make some with currants and raisins in the batter! I also saw them make some other Dutch sweets. One of my favorites was an oliebollen with Nutella inside, as well as more on top! I also loved their apple cream olieballen, which contain cinnamon sugar. The bellina ball is topped with a mountain of cream and sliced strawberries.

Dutch Street Food at FEBO in Utrecht, The Netherlands

A bright orange bamischjif, or bami croquette in Utrecht, the Netherlands | Davidsbeenhere

We stopped by a spot with lots of different foods behind individual windows, including burgers and croquettes. You scan your card and then get the food you want. It’s kind of like a modern vending machine that serves hot food!

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I got a bamischijf (bami croquette) and a cheese fritter. The cheese is coated in breadcrumbs and reminded me of tequenos in flavor. The bami croquette contained noodles and vegetables in a crispy breadcrumb crust. I could taste the Asian influences!

Dutch Sausage in Utrecht, The Netherlands

David Hoffmann taking a bite of rookworst, a traditional Dutch sausage, on the streets of Utrecht, the Netherlands | Davidsbeenhere

At a spot called Hema, I tried a traditional sausage called rookworst with a bit of mustard. I loved the juiciness and the smoky flavor. Of course, I had to try it with my David’s Been Here Hot Sauce, which added a spicy punch!

At a nearby restaurant, I spoke with a waiter, who recommended a Maximus Pandor bitter blond beer, which is made in Utrecht. While I waited for the beer, I walked over to a nearby Surinamese restaurant called Pappje Him’s, that sells broodjes, bara, roti, and more. It’s a dark blond beer and 6% alcohol. I also head a Bruwerij’tij Ijwit wheat beer.

Surinamese-Javanese Food at Warung Tresno

A Surinamese-Javanese spread at Warung Tresno, including fried yuca, saltfish, chicken sate, noodles, and more | Davidsbeenhere

At this Surinamese-Javanese restaurant, I first watched the cooks prepare massive vats of food in the kitchens. I watched them prepare soto, sate, bami bami, gado gado, saltfish, and more. 

Suriname, once a colony of the Netherlands, became independent in 1975. At that time, Surinamese residents could get passports to come to the Netherlands, so many of them relocated there. My guide Melissa and my cameraman Mike are both Surinamese descendents who were born in the Netherlands! Everyone there was so kind!

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At our table, we had some vegetable soto with very spicy sambal that made me sweat! I liked the crunchy bean sprouts and fish sauce in it! Next was some fried chicken sate with peanut sauce, which blew me away. Melissa loaded the peanut sauce on mine and it was amazing!

Next was some fried cassava with peanut sauce and saltfish, which was starchy, nutty, and briny. Adding my David’s Been Here Hot Sauce took it to another level. We also had sami noodles with the same yellow sambal. And for dessert, we had a chilled layer cake. I also tried some pom!

What a great way to end my time in Utrecht. Between its food, culture, and kind locals, this city blew me away. It’s a must when you visit Utrecht, the Netherlands!

Where have you been?

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